Important SEO Information

SEO strategies used for Ecommerce sites

SEO may sound like a straightforward task verbally, but while implementing there are a lot of hidden pieces that needs constant monitoring and adjustments to get positive results. The process gets more complicated when it comes to ecommerce sites, which operate within different parameters and must be executed by following the best practices. Fundamentals still remains the same for ecommerce websites. These are: * Publishing quality content * Gaining inbound links of good quality * Maintenance of ongoing campaign of social media In addition to above fundamentals you also need to take care of ecommerce strategies.

Unique and quality product description

This is very important. It’s always tempting to just pick the manufacturer’s description to describe your products or to use the same content for similar kind of products. The best practice says you need to create a different and unique create for every product that you sell. Of course it is a work in bulk, but repeated content or duplicate content can affect your SEO campaign and on other side the unique content will give positive results immediately.

User Reviews

Motivate your users to contribute their views by posting reviews on every product page. Amazon does a brilliant job in doing so. So if you go through any page on the portal Amazon, you can find how they implement the reviews of their users. Google is happy to SEO unique content as well as content which add value and the best part is that with ecommerce sites you get the chance to create free content from user base. Also you can increase your sales by enabling users to know more about product quality that you sell.

Easy Navigation for your site

This is quite essential for obtaining higher ranks in search engines and improving the user experience of your website. Organize the product pages on your website systematically and separate them into easily understandable and easily searchable categories. The site map should be easy and obvious for the users to follow. Design an eye catching website that attracts the users to visit the website.

Optimise your website speed by reducing image size

When it comes to ecommerce sites, it is obvious to have attractive images of high quality on the product pages, but it is recommended that you do not stuff too many product images. Stuffing too many images of high quality on one product page will slow down the speed of your website, which is not good for SEO. Instead you can reduce the image size or include a feature that helps the users to zoom in to view a larger version. This will solve both the purposes of not letting the speed of your site slow down and also your users can view the quality of the product.

Google likes websites having internal links (value added). This means the user should need to make less number of clicks to reach any page on the website. You can improve this by providing links on each page which directs to several other relevant pages on your domain.

Mobile friendly site

This is basically important for any other site, but when it comes to an ecommerce website it would become difficult to navigate. You can let your users have mobile experience by building a responsive design or a mobile friendly design or through interactive app which gives users a perfect mobile experience. This is important for coming years too.

Incorporate the product pages with buttons for social sharing.

Along with social integration, the product pages should contain buttons for social share so that the users can share the product information by passing them their followers and friends. In general this is also the best business practice and also a good SEO practice as Google might make use of social signals to calculate authority.

Keep discontinued and out of stock item pages running and up

This might sound a bit odd in the beginning because you are not offering that item anymore, then why should you keep the page up? It is worth keeping such pages up as it helps you have more pages which are permanent and a greater base for indexable content that helps Google bots to clear. You should include a headline or some other information that says the item is not available.

Create categories according to season to gain seasonal attention

Seasonal items have lower competition for keywords and the trade-off is relevant for shorter period. To make maximum profit on your seasonal products, create pages for seasonal category.

Include community forum and increase growth

Another important content option for the ecommerce sites is including community forum where your users can exchange product information and recommend them to others. It will increase the brand loyalty and encourage the community to grow by starting a conversation and responding to different questions.